What Is Sound Masking and How Does It Work?

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One of the best ways to promote comfortability in production is to create a space with speech privacy. This specific technology helps foster environments of vulnerability and protection and reduces external distractions. But how does it work? Let’s dive into sound masking and how it works for you.

Sound Masking Explained

There are many places where speech protection creates a more productive environment. A specific ambient frequency is released to match the sound wave of the human voice and masks it to allow for privacy in speech. This is excellent for situations with high traffic distractions, confidential patient and consumer scenarios, and helps listeners.

The Ins and Outs of Sound Masking

For sound masking to be as effective as possible, the system typically gets wired through a ceiling to allow the ambient frequencies to reach and mask everything within the surrounding area. It directly targets human sound and speech and shifts people’s focus toward the background noise. When a listener’s focus changes, it makes the pertinent speech unintelligible.

Another key component of sound masking is its ability to control or eliminate unnecessary stimuli and give the illusion of a very quiet and calm environment.

Direct vs. Indirect Sound Masking

There are different methods for sound masking, including direct and indirect. Direct sound masking is a ceiling-mounted speaker that emits sound downward in a direct path toward listeners.

In contrast, indirect sound masking is when the speakers get mounted slightly above the ceiling and point the sound upward. The upward-facing speakers reflect the sound downward to the area of the targeted sound.

How Does Sound Masking Compare to White Noise?

Many think white noise will offer the same effect. But white noise is different than sound masking because it emits the same amount of intensity but at a different frequency. Essentially, white noise is more intelligible than sound masking. A key component of how sound masking works is its ability to offer a more discreet frequency to existing human speech. White noise is not as subdued.

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