Many Projects, One Goal

I got into this business because I always enjoyed tinkering with electronics.  I wake up every day excited to see the challenges in front of me.  That’s how we become stronger.

Rob Pride
CEO & Systems Engineer

Who we are
What we do

Formed in 1996, Aztec started out as a recording studio systems design and engineering company.  Since then we have expanded our expertise and services providing solutions for the audio-visual, communications and IT  market. We strive to provide seamless technology integration for our clients and we are always working hard to stay ahead of the technology curve so that we are ready for the next big thing!

What makes us different from other companies?

Strategic Professionalism

Work with a company who is excited about what they do and what they can do for you. When you work with Aztec you will be working with professionals who take the time to understand you and your project.

Cooperative Implementation

We work WITH you to find the right solution that fits your needs.  Pre-packaged solutions don’t always fit, and we can work outside the box to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Progressive Engineering

We know that our clients depend on us and our expertise. When our work is complete, we know that it doesn’t end there.  We always stand by our work so that you can concentrate on yours.

Different is what we do.

The Long Story

Aztec Sound and Communications Inc. is owned and operated by Robert S. Pride, who started Aztec Sound in 1996. Aztec Sound began as a recording studio which offered recording studio integration and technical services. In 2001 Robert was working in the telecommunications industry as an installer and technician.  Shortly after, Robert started to offer communications and IT system services to his customer base and Aztec Communications was born.  After doing business for many years under Aztec Sound and Aztec Communications, Robert created Aztec Sound and Communications Inc. which is the umbrella under which Aztec Sound and Aztec Communications operate.  Aztec Sound focuses mainly on the  Residential and Commercial Audio / Video integration space, the Pro Audio industry, Recording Studios as well as Integration and technical services relating to these  industries, whereas Aztec Communications handles the telecommunications, VOIP, IT and Media arm of Aztec Sound and Communications.  Now all of these companies operate under one umbrella, one brand, with one mission.