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What happens if all of a sudden, things that you once took for granted, like turning on the lights, unlocking your door, or turning  on the water in your shower suddenly became so burdensome that you could not do them? Sometimes when we get older, we forget that the simple things can be difficult. No one wants to move from their home to a strange place. Aztec Sound and Communications can help you stay in your home. With new technology, it is possible to age in place. We can design a system that allows you to use a smartphone or simply your voice to control many aspects of your home so that you can easily operate the technology without thinking of it.

We can consult and advise if you are planning on building or renovating your home or condominium that will utilize smart home technologies that can become very important or even indispensable if you are planning to live out your retirement years, or if you have an aging parent that may move in with you and you want them to maintain their independence and control.

We also can come to your existing home and do an assessment to see what technologies you may want to implement so that if you become disable or immobile, you will be able to stay and live in your home.

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Aging in Place Home Automation


Control all or just some of your lights inside or outside your home and control with your voice. Set lighting scenes so that certain groups of lights are set on, off, or dimmed at certain times of the day, when you arrive home, or when you leave.

Home Surveillance

Use a video doorbell or video cameras placed around the exterior of your home to monitor visitors for safety and peace of mind.


Change or set the temperature of your home using your voice or from the comfort of your chair. Also save energy when you leave or arrive the home by automatically setting an away or home temperature.

Door Locks

Easily lock, or unlock your door without moving. You can have complete control even when you are not home. Give  a code to a family member, or a caregiver which only works on a schedule.

Shades and Blinds

Raise or lower your blinds without touching them.  Set a schedule or use your voice or smartphone for comfort and privacy.


Use a video doorbell or video cameras placed around the exterior of your home to monitor visitors for safety and peace of mind.

Medical Care

Alert family members if you fall or have trouble in your home, and have the system remind you if you need to take medication.


Controlling your TV with a remote is nothing new, but what if we told you that it takes nothing more than your voice to use your television set!

Endless Possibilities

Everyday there are advancements in this technology. It is now possible to control and set the temperature before you get into the shower right from your smartphone. There are endless possibilities, so let Aztec Sound and Communications help you Age in Place and enjoy the safety and comfort of your home for years to come.

Aztec Sound and Communications is a leading provider of Smart Home Technologies. We also provide unparalleled tech support and installation services. We have the expertise and we take the time necessary to do the job right, the first time.