The Latest Smart Home Technology Trends in 2022

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Smart homes are not new for technological advancements or users. But some of their features are seeing significant upgrades as user demands evolve. With more people staying home, it’s clear that smart home technology is on the rise, creating new trends. Here are some of the latest to look out for in 2022.

Contactless Features

Touchless features have been developing for some time, even before 2020 and 2021. But nowadays, many users are looking for ways to increase these efforts for various reasons, like sanitary precautions and convenience.

Contactless doorbells enable homeowners to know who is at their door from any location in their house. These features typically include a video camera for additional security and a voice command system to speak through the doorbell.

Enhanced Health Features

Smart thermostats were pioneers for home technology, but with everyday health at the forefront for many, these features are seeing health integration. Thermostats have long been able to sense outdoor temperatures and adjust accordingly indoors. But through tech advancements, now these smart thermostats can give a better understanding of home air quality and humidity and can purify the air.

Another health feature users look forward to is the ability to detect their home’s water quality. Filtration systems are rapidly growing in popularity and demand. A home system equipped to detect toxins and filter the system can optimize the water usage in your home for enhanced safety.

In-Home Gym Technology

Working out at home is turning into the go-to experience. The safety and stability of doing things with your own equipment provide peace of mind. Additionally, a smart home system can pair with wearable technology to gauge customized activity levels, and this trend is enticing to consumers.

There are mirrors, sound systems, and all-in-one devices that complete a workout and enable gym-goers to stay home.

Remote Work Upgrades

As employees across the nation shift from office to remote work environments, the need for a fully functioning smart home system increases. A few of these demands come with support for the remote work setup.

Features like noise-canceling window coverings and headsets help diminish the sound of noisy neighbors or children. And enhanced filters and features allow users to take rapid calls with high-priority clients while blocking out a messy home. These trends will continue to grow as the remote work climate sees growth and consumer evolution.

Improved Security Technology

A smart home security system often protects the interior and parameters of a home with outdoor security elements. But now, these security systems are working to improve their exterior safety features to stay one step ahead of potential danger.

This enables users to check their home, exterior, and interior from any location. And this includes the ability to make adjustments from any location, such as lighting, thermostat, or delivery options.

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