What Type of AV Setup Does My Business Need?

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No matter what stage of business you’re in, there are a few things to consider that many don’t think about. An AV setup plays a significant role in how well your work environment can sustain productivity. So, while having the newest tech and gadgets is nice, there are many other items your business may need. Here are a few assets that can make a difference!


Security is a prominent factor in business when dealing with monetary exchanges of any value. Realistically, protecting your equipment, staff, and building should be a top priority regardless of business type. The presence of a security system with cameras, voice commands, and remote access can potentially discourage a burglar and provide an invaluable sense of peace of mind.

Video Displays

A video display can amp the culture of your workspace. You can create a visually appealing environment and potentially increase your customer interactions and traffic. Video displays also effectively deliver on-demand information to your staff across the board and raise brand awareness. It’s essential to hire a professional for commercial AV installation jobs to ensure accuracy and seamless integrations.

Web Conferencing Systems

In addition to large video displays, installing a comprehensive web conferencing system can increase collaboration with team members and improve your customer connections. While it’s desirable to see customers face to face, the option of having real-time web chats is a convenient way to increase connections. Having this system professionally installed is critical, and having a qualified IT member on your staff can help when issues arise.

Paging Systems

An overhead paging setup plays a significant role in healthcare facilities, large distribution centers, and multi-level corporate offices. These are easy ways to make broad announcements or locate specified personnel. Additionally, you can install a sound masking system to make various speech components intelligible if privacy is a matter of concern.

Having one or all working systems can positively benefit your respective industry when it comes to the various AV setups your business might need. Reach out to Aztec Sound to learn more about professional services and installation.

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