The Ideal Video Setup for Your Sports Bar

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With the cold months bringing out some of the most intense sports fanatics around, it’s time to set up your sports bar with the most ideal video display. Whether your guests want the prime-time game or the highlights of their second-favorite team, meeting everyone’s needs can be challenging when you’re faced with hot rivalries and a burning desire for victory. Let’s look at some top considerations for ensuring your sports bar is accommodating, fun, and appealing to all sports fans!

Factor in Lighting Controls

Curating a perfectly lit space is vital, especially when you must contend with the excess of blue-light emissions from televisions or other displays. You want to prevent strong glares and on-screen distractions as best as possible. Invest in centralized, adjustable lighting fixtures to accommodate natural lighting changes as well as video display preferences.

Think in 4K

The video displays in your sports bar are usually the number one reason somebody will choose you over your competitors. This is where the experience comes to life for guests and diners alike. Invest in flat-paneled 4K displays to offer a bright, crystal-clear viewing experience.

Hang them on the walls in accordance with your seating arrangements. You want people to be able to view the display from any location. If you have one large focal wall, consider using this space for a collage of displays or one giant viewing screen where you project the game of the night.

Install a Projector System

When space is a limiting factor, install a projector system. These screens are retractable and accommodating in the most inconvenient of spaces, so don’t discredit the experience by installing small displays. When guests sit down to eat or drink, they are probably a good distance from the viewing screen. Curb their need to squint with projector installations. This helps elevate small sports bars while offering amazing video displays.

Other Considerations

There are a few other things to take into consideration. Wiring and electrical components can become a concern depending on building structure and layout. Installing a drop ceiling will help accommodate running cables. And depending on the number of displays or how large a space is, you may need to consider splitters or signal boosters to alleviate disruptions during the big game.

When you’re ready to deliver your Sunday best to your area’s most thrilling sports fans, Aztec Sound and Communications is here to help. We perform commercial AV installations in sports bars, restaurants, and more. We provide the best technology and the most accommodating layouts, all while keeping your guests in mind. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you!

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