Signs It’s Time To Update Your AV Equipment

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Technology is continuously evolving—becoming more involved, quicker to operate, and able to produce results of greater quality. Because of this, there are ample reasons to keep upgrading many of our standard pieces of equipment in the office. However, this is especially the case for audio/visual devices. These products are the main way we effectively communicate and present information. They are also constantly being improved and combined with other useful features. So, if you happen to notice a few of these signs it’s time to update your AV equipment, it’s simply in your best interest to do so.

Your Current Setup Is Disorganized

Older audio/visual systems generally require a large number of cords in order to be set-up properly. Whether it be around the television or the speakers throughout the room, these extra cords are a tripping hazard and can present a disorganized appearance to clients. This is why, even if your current setup seems to work fine, you should still consider rethinking your AV approach if it’s looking out of control. Newer models are specifically designed to come with fewer cords, or even be cordless, making the room appear neater while offering similar to better quality output.

Troubleshooting Is Common

If you’re also finding that you often need to troubleshoot your AV system to get it to function properly, you’re probably better off replacing it. As a business that frequently needs to present information to clients and employees, it’s crucial that you can rely on your audio/visual technology when you need it the most. Otherwise, you’re likely to run late for very important meetings and look unprofessional as a result. So, if you’re needing to call in your IT department almost every time you use a certain conference room, purchasing newer model might be the best way to go.

Audio and Visual Quality Is Low

Another key sign it’s time to update your AV equipment is that your audio or visual quality is noticeably inferior. The clarity of audio and visual equipment is vital to communicating information in the most effective manner. As such, if your equipment tends to produce a buzzing sound or present a fuzzy display, you risk improperly conveying certain ideas and creating misunderstandings. For this reason, it’s recommended that AV equipment be replaced by a commercial AV installation service every five to seven years, or when you notice a decline in performance.

There Are Bonus Features You Want

As mentioned previously, AV technology is constantly changing to accommodate the modern era. This means that along with upgrades to audio and visual quality, they’re also now capable of performing additional tasks that are incredibly desirable and convenient to those in the business world. One of these bonus features is the ability to access select media apps through the use of your phone and play them on the professional system. While these things might seem like luxuries, they streamline the presentation process in a unique and incredibly appealing way.

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