The 5 Most Common AV Mistakes Businesses Make

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Investing in the right audiovisual equipment is a stellar business decision that offers unique workplace and consumer experiences. You can’t go wrong with pristine sound quality, high-resolution displays, or environment-enhancing lighting elements. However, you can misstep when you don’t consider features like spatial capacity or Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Not Doing Enough With Your AV

One of the most common AV mistakes businesses make is not doing enough. Skimping on AV is typically the result of a budget constraint, but failing to invest in high-quality AV plays a significant role in the workplace environment.

And while pristine audiovisual systems don’t receive much praise, poor AV, especially poor sound quality, always receives attention. Invest wisely and thoroughly to create a unique experience for staff, clients, and customers.

Not Having Enough Storage Space

AV equipment and systems require ample and well-thought-out storage plans. You can’t expect the system to sit out when not in use. The cords pose a safety risk to staff and customers, and someone accidentally bumping into it or tampering with connections could damage the equipment. Partner with the installation team to discuss the system’s spatial demands and an ideal storage location that allows you to keep the equipment secure.

Not Understanding Rigging Capacity

Rigging capacity may only apply to your business if you have a large room or space with tall, wide-open ceilings. If you’re not utilizing that space thoroughly, you’re missing out on sound quality, lighting, and visual elements. Hire a professional AV team to help you understand the rigging capacity of a business or space, as they can keep all factors in mind when preparing the system’s setup.

Thinking Free Wi-Fi Is Enough

If you see a large number of customers daily, offering them free Wi-Fi is great for their experience in your establishment. But a common AV mistake businesses make is thinking one source of free Wi-Fi is enough. Usually, these networks experience overcrowding, which can limit user experiences and functionality.

Take into consideration the bandwidth and if it’s capable of housing a high volume of devices and users at one given time. You may need to upgrade or offer multiple secure connections to alleviate the single connection burdens.

Correcting Tech Issues Yourself

Technical issues can arise, and some people believe they can resolve these issues without calling a professional. Tasks such as adjusting cords, securing connections, or restarting a system are all manageable in-house, but for anything more strenuous, it’s always best to call the installation team. You put your system and investment at risk if you accidentally make a mistake.

Aztec Sound specializes in custom commercial AV installations for businesses of all sizes and statures. Partner with our team today to learn how we can help you avoid these mistakes and create unique experiences.

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