Different Types of Audio-Visual Equipment

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From neighborhood events and large gatherings to private parties and exclusive corporate meetings, audio and visual equipment is the key to success. Not only do these tools help us communicate across platforms, but they also entertain us, educate us, and even keep us informed on world events. As such, this equipment often comes in a variety of different forms to match their varying uses. These are some of the different types of audio-visual equipment and what they’re all used for.

Projectors and Projection Screens

Projectors and their corresponding screens are typically used in conference settings that need to accommodate a large number of people. These devices can be professionally installed in the conference room itself or they can be transported as needed between venues. Either way, they’re extremely versatile and have enough range to ensure that everyone in the vicinity can get the full experience.

Displays (TV’s)

Compact and meant for smaller groups, television sets are predominantly used in homes as private entertainment centers. Unlike projectors and projection screens, a TV’s audio and visual components are incorporated in one unit rather than separated into two. However, since standard television speakers may be lower quality, many television owners also choose to purchase additional speaker systems to obtain better sound.

PA Systems

Commonly found at award ceremonies and other formal events, PA systems allow for the effective projection of voice or other audio throughout a defined space. These systems make it easier for speakers to use wireless microphones, along with a variety of other models, to clearly convey their message to their audience. This, when used in tandem with a projector or other display technologies, can make for an exciting, quality multimedia event for all.

DJ Equipment

Used foremost in audio, the proper DJ equipment can liven up any party and ensure that everyone can enjoy themselves. These setups are also great for establishing the atmosphere of an event through perfectly timed sound effects and emotional instrumentals. While many professional DJs prefer to use their own equipment for each job, it’s important to note that sometimes the venue has equipment of their own already installed.

Whether you need a new setup for your conference room or a better-quality system for your home entertainment center, we have just what you want at Aztec Sound. Our hardworking AV installation professionals specialize in everything from commercial to residential audio-visual equipment. As such, we can ensure that you’re not only getting the right products for your needs, but also the proper setup, equipment selection and installation.

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