AV Components for Your Conference Room

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Company conference rooms play a large role in how we interact with clients as well as internal resources. They allow us to temporarily remove ourselves from the rest of the office to focus on a specific issue with a team. As such, it’s crucial that any effective conference room has the tools it needs to communicate ideas to all the involved parties. This is where professional-quality AV equipment becomes a necessity. Learn about the essential AV components for your conference room and how they affect the productivity of the space.

Quality Displays

To effectively run your AV equipment, you’ll need a screen or two to view media on. Not only do quality displays make it easier for the room to see certain materials, but they can also make a meeting more interactive. Depending on the type of technology you decide to use for your displays, you could have your team directly interact with the materials in real-time as they sit on the screen.

Microphones and Cameras

Microphones and cameras are also key parts of a functioning conference room. Whether it’s commonplace or not, every office needs to equip themselves for a video call or two. As such, having quality microphones and cameras in the room helps everyone in the meeting clearly communicate—whether they’re in the room or not.


Like microphones and cameras, speakers are crucial to being able to exchange media over the displays. Where the former equipment makes it possible for other parties to hear you, clear speakers make it possible for you to hear them and respond accordingly. For optimal audio that covers the entire room, it’s best that you acquire a surround sound system that directs sound to every corner of the area.

Fast Internet Connection

If you’re going to be regularly pulling things up off the web, it’s also important that you hook up your conference room to a fast and reliable internet connection. This will allow you further access to your meeting resources as well as provide you with additional tools to help conduct business.

Video Conferencing Software

Now with Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and other technologies and platforms, video conferencing is now ubiquitous in today’s conference room and other meeting spaces. With your reliable internet, you’ll be able to collaborate using video conferencing platforms with your coworkers and partners. These tools are essential for any company with multiple offices as they make it easy to interact with one another. If your office doesn’t utilize visual calls as much, remember that you can still utilize conference calling systems that integrate with your A/V systems so you can still communicate with outside parties.

We at Aztec Sound know how important communication is to accomplish your goals for your business. As such, we strive to provide you with professional and quality commercial AV installation services to ensure you have optimal access to these resources. With reliable AV equipment in your arsenal, you’ll be able to keep the entire team on the same page and increase its overall productivity.

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