5 Smart Home Upgrades To Make This Spring

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As many families begin divvying up spring cleaning responsibilities, something you should consider adding to the list is smart device upgrades. We don’t mean that in the sense of upgrading cellular devices, but more so about gadgets in and around your home that make living there more enjoyable. To help get you started and give you some ideas, we created a list of five smart home upgrades to make this spring!

Use a Smart Hub

You should consider investing in an updated smart hub before you can add in things like smart lightbulbs and thermostats. The hub is the central point of communication between you and all the smart devices around the home.

Consider the smart hub the brain of the whole operation. Tell the hub if you are lying in bed and want to double-check the doors. Or, if you left the house and aren’t sure you closed the garage door, the hub can take care of that.

Add Intelligent Lighting to Every Room

Many take a step on their smart home journey by transitioning all their home’s bulbs to smart ones. Not only are they energy efficient, but they can change moods depending on what you feel. An impressive feature of having intelligent lighting is communicating to the hub to make adjustments whether or not you’re at home.

Programmable Smart Thermostat

You can save on electricity with smart bulbs, but a programmable smart thermostat can significantly contribute to overhead expenses. Manually adjusting your thermostat only works when you’re close by.

If you leave for a vacation, to the store, or overnight, a smart thermostat can adjust per the needs of the home, further saving you on the bill.

A Security System

A security system is an essential smart home upgrade to make this spring. Some of the more common security systems we know have their own hubs with a matching sign to put in the yard. However, an intelligent security system can allow you to stay in the know with your home at all hours of the day, from wherever you are.

The hub, or brain of your house, can lock doors, alert you of any suspicious activity per your settings, or set alarms off that signal the authorities without hesitation. This technology can be the difference-maker between life and death situations.

Smart Locks and Garage Door Openers

Some of the best features of a smart lock are its entry methods. Sometimes, fumbling with the keys or losing the garage door opener can ruin your ability to get inside in a rush. Fingerprints and sequencing give you the ability to skip the extras. Should something change in your situation, it’s easy to update the system to meet your new security needs.

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