Helpful Home Theater Design Tips

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Home Theater, done right, is the crown jewel of entertainment. Whether you want to watch a movie or catch up on your favorite shows, or feel like you are at the game, your own theater is the best way to enjoy a truly personalized experience. However, it can be difficult to plan out one of these spaces if you don’t know where to begin. For a fully-immersive viewing adventure for you and your entire family, use these helpful Home Theater design tips to get you started.

Pick an Appropriate Location

If you want to design your dedicated Home Theater, chances are you already have the perfect location in mind. It’s important to remember, though, that this location needs to meet certain requirements in order to be the most effective as a theater. For starters, the room will need to be the proper size and shape to accommodate the equipment, as well as any tables and seating you may need. It’s also beneficial for the room’s ceilings to be high, and for it to have as few windows as possible.

Control Ambient Light and Sound

Every theater needs proper sound and light proofing to create an immersive environment. When ambient light or sound begins bleeding in from outdoors, it breaks that immersion and makes the viewing experience less enjoyable. As such, it’s crucial that your theater is equipped with blackout curtains to limit the natural light from any windows as well as soundproof padding to limit external noises.

Carefully Position Furniture and Equipment

Your furniture and audio equipment placement also plays a large role in creating a quality home theater. Where you position these items can determine where the sound will intersect and how the images look on the screen. When placing your seating, for instance, be sure to keep it at a reasonable distance from the screen in order to reduce eyestrain, and sit most comfortably. For audio equipment, a properly designed rack is crucial to house all the gear, in a properly ventilated, accessible fashion. When it comes to the speakers, it’s just as important that the sounds intersect in the area where you’re seated.
At Aztec Sound, we understand how daunting it can be to install complex audio and visual equipment. That’s why we aim to eliminate your worries with our residential audio video installation services. Our qualified professionals can quickly meet with you to discuss your needs for your equipment and get you on your way to your ideal personalized experience.

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