5 Tips for Ensuring Your AV Systems Are Secure

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In today’s digital world, audio, and video systems have become commonplace in businesses and smart homes. Whether it’s security cameras, interactive displays, or multimedia presentations, all properties benefit from securing these systems against theft, hacking, malware, and much more. Here, we explore five helpful tips for ensuring your AV systems are secure against unexpected circumstances for the long haul.

Use a Secure Network

To keep your AV systems safe, ensure your host network is as secure as possible. Set up firewalls and have strong authentication processes in place for access and user controls. Additionally, regularly monitor the traffic on the network and update the software as needed to prevent potential threats like viruses or malware from getting into your system. Using a secure host network with routine software visits can have a significant impact on overall security.

Encrypt Your Data

Encryption is a great way to protect your AV systems from hacking and data theft. By encrypting all of the data within your system, you can ensure that only those with the proper authorization can access it. It’s also best to consider creating data backups in the event something goes wrong or there is a security breach.

Regularly Update Software

Software updates are essential for keeping your AV systems safe and secure. As new security vulnerabilities are identified, it’s important to patch these issues as soon as possible. Additionally, make sure that all of your software is up to date with the latest security features. Something as simple as outdated software can make it easy for external parties to gain access to the entire system.

Train Employees on Security Protocols

If you use an extensive AV system in your business, a critical tip to consider for ensuring the system is secure is ensuring all employees know how to treat the system. Bring heightened awareness to the security protocols in place and consider keeping these protocols updated and fresh on their minds. It’s also beneficial to ensure they understand the importance of keeping the system secure and they have a clear understanding of how to properly use it.

It’s also advantageous to ensure all employees’ passwords are kept up-to-date and stored securely. Consult staff on creating passwords without names or dates so they have a higher security clearance, and advise them to change this information once a quarter.

Utilize Secure Access Controls

Having strict access controls in place for your AV systems is critical for keeping them secure. Make sure that only authorized personnel can access the system and limit their privileges so they cannot make any unauthorized changes. Also, keep track of who has accessed the system in the past and make sure they’re following the security protocols in place to prevent slips in the system.

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