5 AV Installation Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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This principle applies to AV design and installation. The AV industry involves numerous intricacies due to modern tech and complex equipment systems. Mistakes happen all the time, and some have greater consequences than others. Needless to say, you want to get it right the first time to prevent wasting precious time and money. To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of common fumbles and oversights that occur during installation. Here are five AV installation mistakes you need to avoid—whether residential or commercial.

Mismatching AV Equipment and Content

Incompatible or insufficient equipment won’t get very far to satisfy your current needs. Instead, you’re mismatching various AV tech increases the possibility for issues to occur, leading to frustration all-around. Ensure seamless results with proper integration and programming processes that match the content you seek.

Cutting Corners To Cut Costs

You need the right tools and materials for the content you need. Don’t cut corners with quality simply to reduce your overall costs. AV systems could become a critical safety hazard. To avoid overloading the wiring, ensure electrical configurations are set to standards. In addition, proper cable organization is key to avoid tangling and possible downtime.

Not Realizing the Full Scope of Your Needs

Whatever AV systems you visualize for your space, plan adequately to ensure your dreams are met. Understand what your expectations are as you head into the installation process. How else can you take the steps required to meet them? Each business or home has vastly unique needs— account for all the different audio and visual input requirements.

Not Planning for Power or Rigging Points

A lack of room preparation is another of the five AV installation mistakes you need to avoid. Do you plan to rig equipment from the ceiling? Increase your power load? Range and capacity affect lighting, audio, and visual elements in a room. Remember, AV systems are an investment for enhanced performance or functionality. Evaluating your space to find the best placement for your systems is key to ensuring everything functions correctly and runs smoothly.

Not Hiring the Right Contractors for the Job

Don’t attempt to DIY this intricate process on your own. Professional contractors in the AV industry can help you get the job done right. Choose experts that know what to look for when strategically designing and installing AV equipment and systems.

If you need professional audiovisual contractors for your AV project, turn to the knowledgeable team at Aztec Sound. We’re here to connect you with custom residential and commercial AV solutions for day-to-day life or operations. Get in touch with us about our service offerings today.

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