Recording Studio  |  Production  |  Mixing  |  Mastering

Aztec Sound is located on Crystal Lake in beautiful Wakefield Massachusetts. This stunning view provides a perfect backdrop that is conducive to creativity and workflow.

Aztec Sound provides an array of digital and analog recording services including:

What Services do we provide? 
  • ADR and voice over
  • recording, mixing, mastering
  • production, and original music
  • editing and sequencing

What do we have?

  • large live recording room
  • instrument and small room
  • vocal booth with video monitor
  • beautiful and comfortable control room
  • 128 track digital and 16 Track analog

Why choose Aztec Sound?

  • great equipment
  • quiet and comfortable
  • plenty of room
  • competitive rates
  • close to route 1, 128, 95, 93
  • free parking
  • …but most of all you will get first class, personalized service with owner, engineer and producer Rob Pride, who knows the studio and equipment like the back of his hand. We will not stick you with an intern.

…most of our clients come here because they really enjoy the experience. Sure, you can go to one of these big studios that has every piece of equipment known to man, but who knows what engineer or producer they will stick you with. Our clients keep coming back because they know that they will never hear ‘hmm I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before.’ They know they will always leave with a professional, completed project with no excuses…” -Rob Pride