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Panel Display Installation

Are you searching for the best digital signage display technology and innovations? At Aztec Sound, we understand the importance of these displays to keep a target audience informed, educated, and captivated. Regardless of your industry, we offer visual panel display systems for every type of commercial need in the New England area and beyond. Whether you’re planning to creatively raise awareness of your business, brand, or products—or display digital menus or promotional advertisements—we’ve got you covered with the latest solutions on the market.

When you want to deliver visual content that engages readers, employees, visitors, or customers, your business can benefit from customized panel display installation. No other visual medium is as influential or provides the same level of enhanced audience viewing. These days, you can take digital displays to the next level with powerful imagery, eye-catching graphics, and other inspirational visual features. Popular options range from traditional window signage and in-store signage to interactive touchscreens and one-of-a-kind video wall installation.

How the Aztec Team Can Help Engage Your Audience

The Aztec team can help design and implement an intuitive panel display system that suits your needs with our use of innovative technology and years of technical experience. Our panel display installation services are perfect for every modern organization to take advantage of. If you want to deliver an exceptional and high-quality AV experience every time, Aztec Sound and Communications has the solutions needed to make a positive and memorable impression.

Today’s tech allows users to create branded or custom solutions in mere minutes and easily configure, control, and manage any digital signage panel screens installed in your common areas or chosen locations. This user-friendliness ensures the right informational content is displayed to the right audience at the right day or time—with no extra fuss or technological complications involved. Smoothly drive educational success, additional sales, marketing strategies, or inspirational initiatives from a panel display system with a central interface. Curious about the latest panel display installation developments or products? Contact us today with specific inquiries or custom project ideas—we look forward to working with you!

Are you a homeowner planning a new build or renovation?
If you are in the planning stages of building a new home or renovation, we can help prewire your home for future technology, speakers, video, WiFi, automation for your home or shade control. Even if you have not decided if you will outfit your new home with  smart technologies, consulting a professional before the walls are up is a very smart thing to do.
Are you a builder or design firm who is interested in offering smart home solutions to your clients?
Aztec has experience working with builders, design/build companies, and interior designers.
We can cooperatively work with other trades to provide seamless solutions to your customers. We are always looking to partner with builders so that they can provide competitive functionality for homeowners in today’s technological landscape.
Age In Place – Smart Home Automation for Seniors and People with Disabilities
We all get older. Everyone likes to maintain control over the simple things that we take for granted, but some things aren’t simple when you get older, have a disability, or find yourself immobile. Everyday tasks like turning on the lights, controlling the temperature of your home, or answering the front door can be a huge undertaking for some people. Aztec can allow you, or your loved ones keep their dignity and help alleviate some of the pain of getting older through smart home technologies and home automation installation.

Aging in Place | Automation and Technology

Stay in your home even if you are a senior, disabled, or immobilized.

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Before any project is started, it’s important to determine what solutions best fit your needs. We provide audio-visual consulting services throughout New England and Boston that help to minimize the guesswork and mitigate problems before they happen.


Designing a system that fits your needs is important. We can help achieve your vision through proper planning and implementation. Get it right the first time.


Don’t waste precious time and money buying things that you may not need. We provide all of the parts needed for our solutions; however, we don’t mind installing your existing equipment if you already have it.


Proper connection of all systems is key to it functioning smoothly. We provide wiring for new environments as well as rewiring of existing environments.


We can be instrumental with your smart home installation regardless of if you have new or existing technology. Our work is always neat, clean and properly labeled.


Assembling any system is always more than a sum of its parts.  Our integration services are key to making sure that our provided solution works together seamlessly.


Many of today’s systems require a lot of attention to talk to other devices. We are experts in many different programming languages and software. We make sure your systems can communicate with each other!


After completion of a project our participation doesn’t end. We are always available to service, update and maintain our systems so that you don’t have to.


With so many moving parts its often difficult to track down problems. We provide remote and on-site support to keep your systems running.

Aztec Sound and Communications is a leading provider of Smart Home Technologies and smart home installation services in Boston, Massachusetts, and throughout New England. We also provide unparalleled tech support and installation services. We have the expertise and we take the time necessary to do the job right, the first time.


We do not publicize our residential clients for privacy reasons.  Below is a partial commercial client list.